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Since Russia's invasion of Ukraine, over 3 million Ukrainian refugees have fled to Poland, including over a million children. In Warsaw, where Kabaty Press is based, they now make up about 17% of the city's population. Poland has welcomed them with open arms and every single person is trying to help, whether through hosting families at home, providing free services, or volunteering at train stations and refugee centres.

A post on Facebook sparked an idea and Kabaty Press and Wickwick Books are now working together to provide refugee children with free children's books.

Love Ukraine

How it works

Wickwick Books is donating the use of their children's books in Ukrainian, Kabaty Press is project managing and your donations are helping us to cover the cost of special print runs, here in Poland.

Because we're all contributing, we've got the cost of a book down to as little as US$2.50 - printed and delivered into a child's hands.

The books are being distributed across refugee organisations, through local community centres and other local organisations that are running events for Ukrainian children.


The first 200 books

The first 200 copies of 'Colin the Caring Crab' went in early May to Front Pomocy Ukrainie (Ukrainian Help Front). They are running a Centre for Mothers and Children in Warsaw. Some of the books will stay in their play centre for ongoing use and others will be distributed to mothers and children who visit the centre.

But we're not done yet! Still to come are further printings of Colin the Caring Crab in Ukrainian and Russian (as many of the latest refugees are from the Russian-speaking East of Ukraine), and we are also talking to Lviv-based publisher Old Lion Books about a mixed box of books to set up a small library in Tockwith House, a house being refurbished in the town of Milanowek that will eventually house 20-30 people.

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