• Isobelle

The reading device of the future

E-readers were a huge step forward in reading technology. Starting from the first generation kindle, they now offer a huge range of functionalities. But there is an upfront cost to them that can't be denied.

What if I told you the next generation of reading devices will be disposable?

For a small fee of a few dollars per book, a new reading device will be yours. Shockproof, dustproof and sandproof, this is the device to throw in your beach bag or leave kicking round the bottom of your handbag. Want to leave it behind at the end of your holiday? No problem, get a new one with your next book.

In terms of specs, you can choose your preferred size. There are more robust models that last longer, or cheaper ones for shorter use. What's more, you can lend your reading device to your friends - not just once, but an unlimited number of times! Or given the low price, why not buy devices for all your friends instead?

By now, you might be wondering how all this is possible, or you might have a sneaking feeling of familiarity. Because the new disposable reading device isn't actually new at all.

It's a paperback.

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